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Get Unstuck

People get stuck on their personal journey due to blocked chakras. Our sacred ceramics and wire-wrapped crystals facilitate opening chakras leading to immediate shifts in physical and mental well-being.


Where are you blocked?

Select the chakra in which you need the most work

Not sure?  Download our Chakra Quick Guide or schedule a reading?
Meditating Woman

We know what it feels like to run into the same emotional problems again and again.

Emotional issues that you can't put behind you are likely linked to blocked chakras.

The Process

at MoonDragon Studio

Identify your
blocked chakras

Select and
your items

We'll make the products and ship them to you


At MoonDragon Studio, we understand that you can feel stuck on your personal journey. Often this is due to blocked chakras. We can help you open your chakras to relieve you of your chronic issues. 


Here’s how to do it: 


Figure out which chakras are blocked.

Select products to match the chakra in need



Use our products to open your chakras

24/7 Support

Shop now, so you can move forward on your journey. 

Need help? Download our Chakra Quick Guide or schedule a reading

Our heart breaks when we see people with...

nagging body pain

repetative negative thoughts

negative self-image
or low self-esteem

feelings of being unsafe and alone

Opening your chakras leads to physical and mental well-being.

Sacred Ceramics &
Wire-wrapped Jewelry

Reiki infused and  hand-made by artisans in St. Paul, MN

All of our merchandise is infused with Reiki energy.

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