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Moon Blossoms

Reiki-infused Ceramic Lotus Blooms

Each Blossom is a unique piece of art but they are not just beautiful objects. They contain energy which can supercharge your life and help manifest your deepest dreams, goals, and desires. These blossoms can be used for many things – a meditation aid, a planter, and even an altar piece.


Moon blossoms are designed to resemble the lotus blossom which is considered sacred in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The lotus has the ability to grow in difficult and challenging conditions and emerge as a beautiful, pure flower. This resilience and beauty is seen as a metaphor for the human journey towards spiritual enlightenment and growth.

Custom Moon Blossom
Moon Blossom being used as a planter for succulents.

A custom Moon Blossom will help guide you on your personal spiritual journey. Each vessel is built by hand and hand-painted with glazes to reflect the chakras that will be the focal points of your meditations.

Your custom Moon Blossom comes with beautiful artist-made wire-wrapped crystals attuned to the chakras. The Moon Blossoms also come with a manual to guide you though set-up and teach you how to get optimal results. Contact Matthew if you have any questions.

Wire-wrapped chakra wands
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